Bugged By the Post Hunt? You Weren’t Alone

These bugs and this website played a key role in 8th annual Post Hunt, dreamed up by Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and myself. Explanation to come. Meanwhile ….


This was the scene on a sweltering late May Sunday afternoon, blazing sun  instead of the previously forecast torrential rain. We’ll take it.

The Post news story about the event is here.

An explanation of the puzzles, and how the bugs fit in, can be found here.

Dino Doo Doo

The Daily Beast just posted this ridiculously hyped story about dinosaurs “tripping on LSD.”…/did-dinosaurs-drop-prehistor…
Not to be harsh, but what morons! The research shows ergot fungus in dinosaur remains. Ergot fungus is NOT LSD. It is a deadly rye toxin that killed hundreds of thousands in the Middle Ages. Lysergic Acid is one of many active components in the fungus, and must be extracted, then combined with diethylamide, an extract of ammonia, to make LSD. So the dinos were not “tripping,” though they may have been tripping and falling… down dead.

Old Souls Made New Again

I learned a valuable thing about Google search I should have known long ago: You can limit your search for whatever search terms so that you only see recent posts. Using this method, I found  a review of Old Souls (published way back in 1999) that I’d never seen before. It was probably the most thorough and thoughtful review I’ve ever seen of that book. Here’s the link.

Finding Chandra Is the New (Old) “Serial”

Huffington Post has directed addicts of the true-life crime mystery series “Serial” to some books that can take the edge of their jones, now that “Serial” is over, and that list includes Finding Chandra, by Scott Higham and Sari Horwitz, which was my first book editing project after leaving the Post.


Acid Test Makes 2014 Notable Nonfiction List

The Washington Post placed Acid Test at the top of its notable nonfiction list for 2014. The only way it could have been even higher on the list was if the title had been Aacid Test. (It was alphabetical). But still … it was great seeing it up there with all those fabulous titles. Take a look here.

Acid Test Excerpts Popping Up All Over





The Atlantic


Psychology Today




Reality Sandwich


Sanjay Gupta Interview


Daily Beast Interview














First Post-Publication Reviews of Acid Test

They are here, and they are immensely gratifying. Imagine the pathetic auteur huddled hermetically behind his desk for years, worrying obsessively about every decision, every word, every idea and structural impulse. Agonizing: will anyone GET this. Light years later, in cognitive time, the reviews appear, and they are something out of a Walter Mitty fantasy. That’s what these are.


The Washington Post







My First Psychology Today Blog Post is Up

Psychology Today has asked me to blog on issues related to psychedelic medicine in conjunction with the publication of Acid Test. My first post is about the insanity of the government’s failure to invest in the most promising PTSD treatment research out there. You can find it here.

Library Journal Review of Acid Test

The Library Journal review of Acid Test has surfaced. My name’s misspelled (even though it’s right there big on the book cover beside the review), but they call me a “distinguished journalist/author” so they get a pass. (Scroll down until you see that psychedelic cover.)

All Acid Test Reviews Now On Amazon

After months of trying and failing, ALL the reviews and endorsements for Acid Test are up on the Amazon page. Initially, a company representative said we were limited to five 250-word reviews, period. Fine, except look on Amazon. Books have dozens of them all the time. Sure enough, that didn’t turn out to be the case. Anyway, here they are:


“Shroder filters the psychedelic world [and] presents a compelling case for supporting responsible, rigorous research of psychedelic compounds… Empty your mind of any preconceptions about psychedelic drugs and enjoy a fascinating trip through the politics, science, history, and promise of these controversial chemical compounds.”

“A well-respected journalist offers evidence, both empirical and anecdotal, about the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic drugs… this clear-eyed account [explores] both the complex history of the issue and the current thinking on the use of LSD, Ecstasy and other psychotropic substances for healing troubled minds… Occasionally, the stories are amusing… often, they’re moving… a perceptive criticism of the failings of America’s war on drugs, and Shroder delivers an important historical perspective on a highly controversial issue in modern medicine.” – Kirkus

“[Acid Test] explores the therapeutic possibilities of LSD and Ecstasy (MDMA), and, more broadly, the potential of the human mind… Guided by Shroder’s easy narrative tone, readers follow an activist, a marine, and a physician-turned-psychiatrist who developed a philosophy of psychedelic therapy through self-experimentation… Shroder both informs readers about the drugs’ shadowy pasts and provides insight into the future of mental health.” – Publishers Weekly

“This is not about the 60’s. This book reveals the ongoing struggle to create valuable lasting therapies for PTSD in all its forms. Funny, hopeful, and sad by turns, these stories make me believe that someday soon, MDMA will be accepted as valuable, even desirable, to counteract the despair of so many returning veterans and other souls whose lives are turned upside down by PTSD. If ever interventions are needed, it is now. Acid Test presents an alternative to anguish and anxiety, showing a route of return to balance by use of compassionate therapies along with an outlaw drug. Millions of Americans suffer from the terrors of war or crime , and perhaps soon, we can say help is on the way.”
– Carolyn Garcia, also known as Mountain Girl, a former Merry prankster and wife of Jerry Garcia

“Over the last thirty years women have gone from the kitchen to the boardroom, people of color from the woodshed to the White House, gay men and women from the closet to the altar, and all of us have embraced a new vision of life itself on this fragile blue planet. Yet when we recall the factors that unleashed these dramatic transformations there is one ingredient in the recipe of social change that is always expunged from the record: the fact that millions of us lay prostrate before the gates of awe having ingested LSD or some other psychedelic. Tom Shroder’s Acid Test is an inspiring and profoundly hopeful book.”
– Wade Davis, author of The Serpent and the Rainbow

“Tom Shroder has written a book that is at once captivating and utterly surprising, with mind-blowing revelations of a lost history. The scourge of war and trauma and the mysteries of human consciousness fills virtually every one of the gripping chapters. With its impressive research, masterful storytelling and ultimately, the possibility of hope and healing, Acid Test is destined to be an important book.”
– Brigid Schulte, author of Overwhelmed

Acid Test is a trip of a different kind. Tom Shroder makes the hunt for relief from modern wars’ biggest killers – depression and post-traumatic stress disorder-come alive in bright, unforgettable colors, characters and emotions.”
– Dana Priest, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and author of Top Secret America

Acid Test is a breath of fresh air after half a century of general hysteria, misinformation, confusion and questionable decisions of scientific, political, and legal authorities concerning psychedelic substances. Tom Shroder’s fascinating, well – researched, and clearly written account of psychedelic history, from the discovery of LSD to the current worldwide renaissance of interest in these remarkable substances and revival of research in this area, is a tour de force. Most important—socially, economically, and politically – is the book’s focus on the psychedelic newcomer MDMA (Ecstasy). The pilot studies of this substance suggest that it might play an important role in helping to solve the formidable problem of PTSD that kills more American soldiers than the weapons of enemies.”
– Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of LSD PsychotherapyThe Ultimate Journey, and Psychology of the Future

“I read Acid Test with wonder and excitement. Wonder at seeing a controversial topic through Tom Shroder’s fresh and lucid eyes. And excitement at the promise of healing that he reveals.”
– David Von Drehle, author of Rise to Greatness: Abraham Lincoln and America’s Most Perilous Year

“Tom Shroder weaves together three compelling stories with such mastery that Acid Test reads like a first-rate novel. The book is that much more intriguing and consequential though because the stories are true and the subject matter – the healing of post – traumatic stress – of great currency and importance. We need to know how to treat the trauma that afflicts most of the world or we’re in deep trouble.”
– Richard Rockefeller, former chairman of U.S. Advisory Board of Doctors Without Borders

“If you think LSD is a relic of the Sixties, or good for nothing except getting high, you need to read this riveting and important book. It’s the fascinating story of how LSD and MDMA can, with controlled use, bring near-miraculous benefits to people suffering from mental trauma. Tom Shroder is a fine journalist and a terrific writer; in Acid Test, he’s written a book that should start a long-overdue national conversation, and someday may help to end a lot of unnecessary suffering.”
– Dave Barry

“A captivating narrative with irresistible characters. It will leave you wondering whether we have the moral right to oppose this breakthrough therapy.”
– Gene Weingarten, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Fiddler in the Subway

Acid Test is a superb book. The people Tom Shroder introduces us to are across-the-board fascinating, the reporting he’s done is deep and persuasive, and the writing is dazzling. Best of all, though, is what any open-minded reader will feel after finishing Acid Test: In a world of hurt, here is a new version of hope.”
– David Finkel, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Good Soldiers and Thank You for Your Service

Acid Test is a trip of a different kind. Tom Shroder makes the hunt for relief from modern wars’ biggest killers – depression and post-traumatic stress disorder – come alive in bright, unforgettable colors, characters and emotions.”
– Dana Priest, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and author of Top Secret America

Acid Test represents such a critical contribution to our societal awareness, one that I am honored to wholeheartedly support. Faced with the challenge to alleviate the suffering of today’s combat veterans, we must open ourselves to considering new modalities, revisiting therapeutic agents criminalized by fear and ideology, and harnessing the power of healing rituals and ancient wisdom. Tom Shroder offers a timely and compelling story of stories, illustrating the struggles and opportunities for hope and healing. Put politics and preconceptions aside; open your mind; read this book; follow the data; and speak truth to power so that scientific rigor and emerging knowledge can lead the way. We owe our fellow humans no less.”
– Loree Sutton, psychiatrist, retired US Army Brigadier General and founding director of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury