Seeing the Light – Synopsis

    A biography of perhaps the Everglades’ most renowned photographer, featuring startling black-and-white images of a primeval-looking landscape. Clyde Butcher’s unusual life as chronicled by Tom Shroder and John Barry is nearly mythic in its sweep. He was an unrepentant nonconformist–an architecture school graduate who could not stomach working in an office, a commercial photographer who turned his back on financial security, and a husband and father who moved his family onto a sailboat rather than live a conventional life. Butcher’s demons drove him to the Everglades, where he finally purchased a dilapidated but picturesque collection of shacks astride the Tamiami Trail. With the assistance of kindred spirits, Butcher refined his art in black and white. The results shown here are often astonishing in their clarity and dramatic composition.This is a fascinating and visually arresting record of a man’s search for place and a pictorial chronicle of a vanishing landscape.

    – Kirkus