“Tom Shroder is the best in the business – the rare editor who has the analytical skills to see what needs to be done, and the writing ability to show you, when necessary, exactly how to do it. He is especially good at finding the flaws in long, complex pieces, and getting writers to perform at the highest level they’re capable of. I’d trust him with anything I’ve written.”
~ Dave Barry | Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author

“I am extremely grateful to the basic principle of journalism holding that all communication between reporter and editor is privileged — as private and sacrosanct as between doctor and patient or priest and penitent. This means, thank God, that no one will ever know how much of my Pulitzer Prize in feature writing belongs to Tom Shroder.”
~ Gene Weingarten | two-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer, columnist and author


“Facing an impossible deadline of only six months to report and write a book, we hired Tom to speed edit every chapter as soon as it was drafted and, again, when each was rewritten. We relied on him not just to smooth the prose but for major structural and editorial guidance. He came through in every way. He is a quick, no-nonsense editor with an eye for detail and a flair for turning even the insanely complex into an interesting, even fun, read. He is a master at pacing, tension and drama, and knows how to pull them out of a reporter’s notebook like a rabbit from a hat. We could not have done this book without him.”

~ Dana Priest | two-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer, author ‘Top Secret America, the Rise of the New Security State’


“Tom Shroder is a tough-love editor, a demanding behind-the-scenes coach who pulls the best work out of you. He sees more potential in my writing than I’ll ever see, and he doesn’t quit until I’m sure I’ve maxed out. He’s a magician who makes my work shine—and if he were editing this paragraph he would say, “You sure you want to mix up so many metaphors in one graf?”
~ Jeanne Marie Laskas | author, columnist, national magazine writer

“Throughout the course of my career as a feature writer and investigative reporter, Tom Shroder stands out as one of the best and brightest long-form editors in the business. He routinely transforms raw copy into award-winning prose with his deft touch, impeccable judgment and mastery of the written word.”
~ Scott Higham | Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter

“Great editors are so rare, in my experience, that most writers don’t even know if such creatures truly exist. Well, Tom Shroder is the real deal—he makes your ideas better, makes your sentences better, and leaves no fingerprints showing. Amazing.”
~ David von Drehle | Time Magazine correspondent and author

“Tom Shroder has the qualities all writers treasure in an editor: he sees the strengths and weaknesses in the work, manages to convey those to you gently, and most important, has the tools to fix it. He improves every piece of writing he touches.”
~ Sally Jenkins | author, sports columnist