A Small Town In My Mind

Effie, Virginia and Mack Kantor, ca 1917 Webster City

As I work on a book about exploring the life and career of my grandfather, I’ll be following in his footsteps in a more concrete way, by returning to his childhood home, which was so important in his life and work, and doing exactly what he did there on many occasions: talking about his life and the pursuit of a career in writing. I’ll be doing a series of talks in Webster City Iowa April 23-25.

Speaking In Boston

I will be speaking at Northeastern University in Boston, Friday April 3 beginning at 7 p.m. This is open to the public, and includes other speakers on the subject of psychedelic medicine as well. If you are in the Boston area, please stop in.

Bugged By the Post Hunt? You Weren’t Alone

These bugs and this website played a key role in 8th annual Post Hunt, dreamed up by Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and myself. Explanation to come. Meanwhile ….


This was the scene on a sweltering late May Sunday afternoon, blazing sun  instead of the previously forecast torrential rain. We’ll take it.

The Post news story about the event is here.

An explanation of the puzzles, and how the bugs fit in, can be found here.

Dino Doo Doo

The Daily Beast just posted this ridiculously hyped story about dinosaurs “tripping on LSD.”…/did-dinosaurs-drop-prehistor…
Not to be harsh, but what morons! The research shows ergot fungus in dinosaur remains. Ergot fungus is NOT LSD. It is a deadly rye toxin that killed hundreds of thousands in the Middle Ages. Lysergic Acid is one of many active components in the fungus, and must be extracted, then combined with diethylamide, an extract of ammonia, to make LSD. So the dinos were not “tripping,” though they may have been tripping and falling… down dead.

Old Souls Made New Again

I learned a valuable thing about Google search I should have known long ago: You can limit your search for whatever search terms so that you only see recent posts. Using this method, I found  a review of Old Souls (published way back in 1999) that I’d never seen before. It was probably the most thorough and thoughtful review I’ve ever seen of that book. Here’s the link.

Finding Chandra Is the New (Old) “Serial”

Huffington Post has directed addicts of the true-life crime mystery series “Serial” to some books that can take the edge of their jones, now that “Serial” is over, and that list includes Finding Chandra, by Scott Higham and Sari Horwitz, which was my first book editing project after leaving the Post.


Acid Test Makes 2014 Notable Nonfiction List

The Washington Post placed Acid Test at the top of its notable nonfiction list for 2014. The only way it could have been even higher on the list was if the title had been Aacid Test. (It was alphabetical). But still … it was great seeing it up there with all those fabulous titles. Take a look here.

Acid Test Excerpts Popping Up All Over





The Atlantic


Psychology Today




Reality Sandwich


Sanjay Gupta Interview


Daily Beast Interview














First Post-Publication Reviews of Acid Test

They are here, and they are immensely gratifying. Imagine the pathetic auteur huddled hermetically behind his desk for years, worrying obsessively about every decision, every word, every idea and structural impulse. Agonizing: will anyone GET this. Light years later, in cognitive time, the reviews appear, and they are something out of a Walter Mitty fantasy. That’s what these are.


The Washington Post







My First Psychology Today Blog Post is Up

Psychology Today has asked me to blog on issues related to psychedelic medicine in conjunction with the publication of Acid Test. My first post is about the insanity of the government’s failure to invest in the most promising PTSD treatment research out there. You can find it here.