DOAWW 1 day past deadline

This wasn’t my REAL deadline anyway. The deal was Nov. 1. Oct. 7 was some kind of sadistic motivating tool dreamed up by D&B. But it served its purpose. I’m on chapter 13 and racing along at 3,000 words per day, hell bent to finish by the end of next week. I have no doubt I’m violating some unwritten speed limit and will be pulled over by the writing police any minute. I expect the officer to have mirror sunglasses, a big gut and a tweed sports coat with elbow patches. He’ll say, “Boy, do y’all have any idea what y’all are even saying in that manuscript y’all are so hellbent on finishing?”

The truth: I think so.

But I won’t really know for sure until I read it five years from now.

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