Shameless Authorial Self-Promotion

My book on the Deepwater Horizon blowout, Fire on the Horizon, is finally “out there.” It’s been a humbling, fascinating, deeply involving eight month sprint discovering and trying to capture the world of offshore drilling, and the almost unimaginably dramatic events of April 20, 2010. Fortunately I had the help and guidance of my co-author, John Konrad, who was an oil rig captain himself, and had close friends on the Horizon when it blew out and burned that night.

Highlight of the publication ritual so far: Sebastian Junger blurbed it: ““One of the best disaster books I’ve ever read…I tore through it like a novel. A phenomenal feat of journalism.”
Low point: Publisher’s Weekly reviewer called prose “clunky”, which is only my worst fear every time I write anything.

The official release date is tomorrow, and Sunday at 5 I’ll be talking about the book at Politics and Prose in Northwest DC. I hope you all can come. Only you can save me from the author’s nightmare: more bookstore employees than audience. I promise to try not to be clunky.

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