How to Become a Bestselling Author in Four Hours

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Self, what does it take in the current market  to become a best-selling author?” you would be well advised to carefully study the following description, from today’s Times, of the oeuvre of megabestselling author Tim Ferriss:  Mr. Ferriss has risen to mass popularity by explaining to readers how to get the most change in their lives for the least amount of effort. His books promise to help readers lose pounds through “safe chemical cocktails” and odd food combinations, gain muscle in a month with only four hours of gym time, produce 15-minute female orgasms, and sleep two hours a day and feel fully rested.

I felt the guide to producing 15-minute female orgasms was particularly inspired, though he might want to try to get that down to FIVE minutes in the next edition.

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