A Tip of the Cap

Next week it will be a year since the Macondo well was finally killed and sealed safely in it’s tomb of concrete. The media attention paid to all the books about the disastrous blowout last April 20th in the Gulf of Mexico shut down a lot faster than Macondo did. We were quickly on to other disasters, other obsessions, other anniversaries. But out of the blue (so to speak), in the new New York Review of Books dated Sept. 29, comes this retrospective of oil spill/blowout books by Peter Maass.  He says some very gratifying things about Fire on the Horizon. He calls it “a rough gem” and “an excellent book that wraps concise explanations of technology into a fascinating story of danger and tragedy on the rig.”

That last phrase is the most concise possible formulation of exactly what Fire on the Horizon was trying to accomplish.




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