Overwhelmed Soars to Top of Amazon List

Overwhelmed by Brigid Schulte, my first book-editing project after leaving the Post in 2009 (and four years in the making), officially published today and shot right to the top of Amazon (#9 at 3 pm) off a morning appearance on NPR. Still, I’ve seen LOTS of books get NPR time, and almost none of them ever get that big a boost on Amazon rating (top 1000 is more common.) Old Souls only ever got to #12 — after a mention in the New York Times week in review — and that book sold 115,000 copies and is still at it. But this is the very first day of publication for Overwhelmed, whereas Old Souls only got that spurt months later — which means: Overwhelmed has a very good shot at making the NYT bestseller list, as first week sales include all the pre-sold books as well. Go Brigid.

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