Acid Test’s Trip to the Movies


Just read the first draft of the screenplay based on Acid Test by the brilliant Patrick Massett
It’s unspeakably cool to see the real life story morph into a feature film. Too soon to say when it will get produced, but the first hurdle is passed.



  1. Kerthy Fix says

    Hi Tom,
    I’m a documentary filmmaker who is following 4 therapists as they train to become part of the first wave of legal MDMA psychotherapists. They include a Boston cop and a disabled therapist in Texas and I’m wanting to give some context to what they are trying to do – open clinics in their respective cities.

    Would you be available at some point to possibly do an on camera interview for this film? Your history of this work in ACID TEST was such a moving and beautiful portrayal of the revolution that is about to happen in psychiatry.

    I’m in the New York area but we would be happy to travel to you. And I’m happy to get on the phone to discuss first as well. Let me know.

    Kerthy Fix

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