Achenbach Strikes Back

Afraid of letting Hank Stuever run away with the day, Joel Achenbach dug deep and came up with a classic post on Achenblog, vintage Achenbach — smart, funny, self-referential to a self-deprecating degree, and actually making a good point that needs to be out there, ie: Tiger wasn’t really fooling anybody about being Mr. Family Man. As Joel notes:

The argument has been made a million times in the past two months that Tiger held himself up as a great guy and squeaky-clean family man, and earned all that endorsement money, and has now been exposed as a fraud and deserves whatever humiliation and agony he has endured. Weirdly, despite spending a fair amount of time staring at the TV, I somehow missed all the Tiger Woods Christmas Specials where we joined the Woods family as they sipped eggnog and discussed what’s going in the stockings. I barely knew the guy had kids. The one thing for sure is that he hasn’t faked beating the crap out of Phil Mickelson and everyone else for the last 13 years.

Just being clever can only get you so far. Real humor, like any other kind of writing, requires keen observation, and something interesting and novel to say.

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